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Cassadee Pope to Perform for NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship in Nashville

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The 2014 NCAA Women’s basketball tournament hit Nashville over the weekend, with the final four games and a series of related events. Now when UConn takes on Notre Dame in the championship game Tuesday, April 8, country music will be involved.

Prior to the 7:30 p.m. game at Nashville’s…

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Hey people, let’s get country radio to play Cassadee’s new single, I Wish I Could Break Your Heart! Like I said before, there’s a lot of ways to make online requests; via twitter, facebook, and Mediabase. Basically, Mediabase is the service that monitors radio station airplay in the US and it’s where radio charts are generally based on. It’s really easy to make a request via Mediabase. All you have to do is: check the box next to the song you want to request and give your “name” so the request can be valid! Easy.

Here’s a list of the stations that already have IWICBYH on their playlist. I’ll be updating it whenever I can:


(+) Chicago , IL WUSN-FM
Los Angeles , CA KKGO-FM
New York , NY WNSH-FM
Dallas , TX KSCS-FM
(+) Detroit , MA WYCD-FM
(+) Boston , MA WKLB-FM
(+) Minneapolis , MN KEEY-FM
Atlanta , GA WKHX-FM
Minneapolis , MN KMNB-FM
Phoenix , AZ KNIX-FM
Phoenix , AZ KMLE-FM
San Antonio , CA KCYY-FM
Washington , DC WMZQ-FM
San Antonio , CA KAJA-FM
(+) Tampa , FL WQYK-FM
St. Louis , MO KSD-FM 
Seattle , WA KMPS-FM
Baltimore , MD WPOC-FM
Columbus , OH WCOL-FM
Miami , FL WKIS-FM
Cleveland , OH WGAR-FM
Milwaukee , WI WMIL-FM
Portland, OR , OR KUPL-FM
Kansas City , MO KBEQ-FM
(+) Kansas City , MO WDAF-FM
Orlando , FL WWKA-FM
Indianapolis , IN WFMS-FM
(+) Jacksonville , FL WQIK-FM
Nashville , TN WKDF-FM
Cincinnati , OH WNNF-FM
Greensboro , NC WPAW-FM
Denver , CO KWOF-FM
Salt Lake City , UT KSOP-FM
Sacramento , CA KBEB-FM
Hartford , CT WWYZ-FM
Norfolk , WV WGH-FM 
Norfolk , WV WUSH-FM
Salt Lake City , UT KEGA-FM
Las Vegas , NV KWNR-FM
San Jose , CA KRTY-FM
Pittsburgh , PA WOGI-FM
Monmouth-Ocean , NJ WKMK-FM
West Palm , FL WIRK-FM
Nassau-Suffolk , NY WJVC-FM
New Orleans , LA WRKN-FM
(+) Oklahoma City , OK KTST-FM
Jacksonville , FL WGNE-FM
Buffalo , NY WYRK-FM
Rochester , NY WBEE-FM
Greenville , SC WSSL-FM
(+) Ft. Myers , FL WWGR-FM
Albany , NY WGNA-FM
Tulsa , OK KWEN-FM
Fresno , CA KSKS-FM
Birmingham , AL WZZK-FM
(+) Albuquerque , NM KBQI-FM
Fresno , CA KHGE-FM
Knoxville , TN WCYQ-FM
Des Moines , IA KHKI-FM
Wilmington , DE WXCY-FM
Harrisburg , PA WRBT-FM
Grand Rapids , MA WTNR-FM
Allentown , PA WCTO-FM
Wilkes-Barre , PA WSJR-FM
Knoxville , TN WIVK-FM
Bakersfield , CA KVMX-FM
(+) Greenville , NC WRNS-FM
Gainesville , FL WOGK-FM
(+) Portland , ME WPOR-FM
Portland , ME WTHT-FM
(+) Springfield , MA WRNX-FM
Harrisburg , PA WZCY-FM
Charleston , SC WIWF-FM
Stockton , CA KATM-FM
Gainesville , FL WRUF-FM
Spokane , WA KXLY-FM
(+) Lakeland , FL WPCV-FM
Mobile , AL WKSJ-FM
Madison , WI WWQM-FM
(+) Boise , ID KAWO-FM
Visalia-Tulare , CA KJUG-FM
Wichita , KS KZSN-FM
Boise , ID KQFC-FM
Lexington , NY WLXX-FM
Melbourne-Titusville-Cocoa , FL WHKR-FM
Johnson City , TN WKOS-FM
(+) Corpus Christi , TX KFTX-FM
Chattanooga , TN WUSY-FM
Ft. Wayne , IN WQHK-FM
Springfield , MO KTTS-FM
Jackson , MS WUSJ-FM
Pensacola , FL WXBM-FM
Fayetteville , NC WKML-FM
Macon , GA WDEN-FM
Fayetteville , AR KKIX-FM
Shreveport , LA KRMD-FM
Flint , MA WFBE-FM
(+) Palm Springs , CA KPLM-FM
(+) Springfield , MO KSWF-FM
(+) Salisbury , MD WKTT-FM
Tyler , TX KYKX-FM
Eugene , OR KKNU-FM
Savannah , GA WJCL-FM
Montgomery , AL WLWI-FM
Peoria , IL WFYR-FM
(+) South Bend , IN WHFB-FM
Charleston , WV WKWS-FM 


"I’m wearing my dream dress" says Cassadee Pope to USA Today

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"I’m wearing my dream dress," says Cassadee Pope, who’s drawn comparisons to Disney character Jessica Rabbit tonight. “I’ve always wanted to wear a red dress on the red carpet.” Next month, “I’m really excited to tour with Tim McGraw. I know that I’m going to learn a lot from him.”

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About to buy the first legitimate full band song that I produced/mixed blah blah blah’ed. Done with a negative budget; all diy. Super proud of it. You can too, along with 9 other @rescuekidmusic tracks at
https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/re-ignite/id853756452 . It’s a fraction of what your daily Starbucks bill is, and (give or take a quarter) is about as much as what you’d donate for one of those Sarah mclachlan commercials. Please check it out! 😘

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Perez Hilton compliments Cassadee Pope

Read the article here: http://t.co/JUMr2XECik

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RT @ChevroletTop20: Want to in a trip to #Mexico to see @CassadeePope? Head to CMT.ca to enter now: http://t.co/D4tWYrowGk

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Fast Five with Cassadee Pope

Billboard: Cassadee Pope Brings Back a Big Voice With Second Single

Around the three-minute mark of Cassadee Pope’s first country single, “Wasting All These Tears,” she hit an impressive high note and drug it out for a solid nine seconds as a hypnotic instrumental figure repeated underneath, heightening the drama in a song about a woman recovering from a breakup. The performance clearly connected: Pope ascended to No. 5 on Hot Country Songs and No. 10 on Country Airplay, becoming the first country female whose debut single was certified platinum by the RIAA since Taylor Swift in 2006.

On her sophomore single — “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart,” released to radio via Play MPE on March 3 — Pope similarly hits a big note just after the two-minute mark, potentially setting up a signature sound for the former champion of NBC’s “The Voice.”

"I really just love belting," says Pope. "I look up to artists like Martina McBride and Kelly Clarkson. They leave it all out there on their recordings and onstage. I don’t know if it’s a signature thing, but I really like to do it a lot."

The note is a particularly telling moment in Pope’s development as an artist, because her big-voiced performance was not necessarily part of the road map in the demo she originally heard. Singer-songwriter Jon Green provided the voice on the demo, delivering “Break Your Heart” with more of a masculine Keith Urban/Chris Martin graininess.

"I didn’t even think of a girl doing it," says Ashley Monroe ("Heart Like Mine," "The Truth"), who co-wrote it with Green and Gordie Sampson ("Jesus, Take the Wheel," "Song About a Girl"). "It’s so cool to hear Cassadee wail it. It’s cooler to me from a girl’s point of view."

Republic Nashville signed Pope to a recording deal shortly after she won The Voice in December 2012. Wrensong Publishing president-owner Ree Guyer-Buchanan pitched “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart” to the Big Machine Label Group, and before January 2013 was over, Pope had it on hold.

"I didn’t really think, ‘Well, this is from a guy’s perspective,’ " says Pope. "I knew what that felt like, and I’d felt that before in past relationships. Weird emotions came over me when I first heard it, and I loved it right away."

She recorded it at Martina and John McBride’s Blackbird Studio, singing with the band during every take in the tracking session and pushing her voice in the process. 

Huff played a four-bar solo — a “non-solo solo,” as he calls it — and the label released a Wes Edwards-directed video even before the single shipped, with Pope singing in a suspended, steel-framed heart and crushing another glowing, plastic heart under her stiletto heel.

"I was so nervous about it because I was wearing strappy heels where my feet were exposed," she says. "But I crushed that baby. I got it down on the first take."

It’s not difficult to picture country fans head-banging during the chorus of “Break Your Heart” on the drive to work. At least one of the song’s writers has already had a similar experience. 

"As an out-of-towner trying to earn the right to work in Nashville, to hear her smash the vocal, to get to have a song produced by Dann Huff and to hear it sounding so rocking was a big honour," says Green. "I got sent the mix, and I was air-drumming along to it on repeat in my car for about two hours."


The Boot: ‘They’re Like an Army’: Cassadee Pope Dishes on Her ‘Cassettes’ + Fan Gifts Read More: Cassadee Pope Dishes on ‘Cassettes’ Fan Base + Fan Gifts

Although she’s still a relative newcomer to the country music world, Cassadee Pope‘s been around the music industry as a whole long enough to have built up a passionate fan base.

From her time as frontwoman of pop/rock band Hey Monday to the moment she was crowned ‘The Voice‘ Season 3 winner, Pope’s “Cassettes” have seen her through a lot.

“I’ve been through so many different phases, not even musically, but just in general as far as the ups and downs of success,” Pope tells The Boot. “They’ve seen me with the band, and they’ve seen me go solo with no label or management and have me kind of bomb it, and then they saw me on ‘The Voice’, and they rallied for me.”

That rallying included a cool digital camaraderie, as Pope’s fans cheered her on from all over the globe.

“They came together, and they would have ‘Voice’ parties, and they would get on Skype and keep in touch with people In different time zones and keep them engaged and let them know what was going on,” says Pope. “So they’re like an army.”

So, who came up with the name “Cassettes”?

“They came up with it actually,” Pope says. “They all got together and started tweeting me saying, ‘You need a name for your fan base, and we want ‘Cassettes,’ and I was like, ‘Well, I’m naming you, so if you want that, great.’ It’s cute, I’ve gotten, like, little necklaces and bracelets with a little cassette tape on it.”

Even before her fan base had a name and Pope had a platinum single in ‘Wasting All These Tears,’ she’s been receiving trinkets from fans — including something really extravagant. On Hey Monday’s first tour — “We didn’t have any music out. It was a fan who saw some live videos of us,” Pope says — a fan brought her a Tiffany’s bracelet.

“I tried not to take it, but he looked so upset that I wasn’t going to take it that I couldn’t do that to him, so I took it, and I still have it,” she says. “He has stuck with me through it all. He’s still a fan.”

And for those who have been around that long, Pope says she does what she can to take care of them with tickets and meet and greet passes.

“They grew up with me, so I feel pretty close to them,” she says. “I’ve been a fan of a lot of people, and I don’t think I’ve gone to the extents that some of these fans go to … but all I know is, they’re giving me a job … It’s pretty cool.”


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NEW: Cassadee Pope :”Let It Go”

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Five Questions: Cassadee Pope

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Clip of Secrets (acoustic) off @rescuekidmusic re-ignite out this Tuesday the 25th

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"Fade away" another track off of re-ignite that releases tomorrow, accompanied by MJ doing a fadeaway jump shot

Cassadee’s ‘I Wish I Could Break Your Heart’ is up for the CMT Hot 20 Countdown’s #20 spot next week. The poll is open until Wednesday at 1:00 a.m. EST. 

Cassadee’s ‘I Wish I Could Break Your Heart’ is up for the CMT Hot 20 Countdown’s #20 spot next week. The poll is open until Wednesday at 1:00 a.m. EST. 

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I Wish I Could Break Your Heart will start being part of country radio stations’s playlists all over the US on March 17. Get ready to start making requests. :)